Upgrade button/option in app


I am a Prime 50 subscriber, but I realized that I’ll need more than 50 scans per month. Is there an upgrade package button in the app? If not, I’d really appreciate one!


Hi, Tomaz! Thanks for the feedback! Actually, we’re currently working on a solution, which will make upgrading to a higher package easier, but until then you can contact our support team via email: hello@1tap.io and we will assist you with the upgrade to Prime Unlimited :slightly_smiling_face:


I purchased the 50 package and realised straight away that if I was to put in my backlog of receipts I would easily go over the 50 limit. So I went via my Apple settings to 1tap and purchased the unlimited version. I then realised that I had accidentally purchased both. I emailed 1tap and within minutes I had a reply and the issue was sorted immediately. I am extremely impressed with both this app and the very responsive and efficient customer service. Thanks guys!!

So for any other accidental purchaser… 1tap will sort it very quickly.

Thanks again.


Hey Alix. Thank you for your feedback. We’re happy that you are satisfied with our service and thank you for being such an amazing 1tapper and advocate of our product. :hugs: