Splitting costs and a search / multiple tagging systems are an urgent must


When scanning or emailing in receipts lots of them need to be split into percentages. For example below
Gas & Electric Bill £100 -------- Claim 25% or a slider in % to enable us to quickly modify the figures

When looking at the ALL section it seems imperative to be able to search for a Supplier to bring just them up especially when you have multiple hundreds of receipts on your app as I do already! Then Even better for me would be able to have a check box to enable all the searched suppliers to be tagged with the same tag in one go? I am sure I saw a sliding % bar the other night whilst working on the app but it could be me confusing it with another app.


Not worked out the % feature yet. Money dashboard has a cool tagging feature for similar transactions,


For the percentage problem could you not have a box to click that has a % sign next to it and people can just numerically type in the percentage they want to show in the final invoice ?

The maths would be simple if the receipt was showing £1,220.00 for Gas and Electric then the Click box could enable the program to take the total figure of £1,220.00 and divide by 100 (Giving the program a figure of of £12.20 then simply * it by the figure manually add it to the final figure)

So in programming it would be as follows:

  1. Program calculates total figure of bill (£1,220.00) (but the customer may only want to claim for example 25% of that figure for tax purposes)

  2. Click the (Box with % sign which opens up a little numeric only box for the customer to type in)

  3. Your program takes the total figure £1,220.00) and divides it by 100 to give its self 1% of the total

  4. Te client types in the numerical box 25

  5. Your program takes the pre calculated 1% figure of £12.20 and * the number by the user entered numerical box (Which in this case was 25)

  6. So the total to claim would be £305.00

It would save so much time for the customer carrying out this on many receipts with a calculator with the current Scissor function???

handyandyruskington@gmail.com if you need to ask any questions or get me through the day


Hey Andi,

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback and ideas.

I am glad to say that we have both the % split option and search receipt function in our list of features which will be implemented to our apps.

I will definitely forward your ideas to our development team.

Have a great day,
David from 1tap