Specific reports!


Hey , is there a way to export directly either pdf or CSV, where that exported fiule contains only specifc date range ( when expoense was made) or export only specific TAG , that would be really REALLY helpful. Please do let me know.


Hi Boris,

Unfortunately, the CSV and PDF files can be only exported for the chosen tax period, there is no option to export the receipt data for a specific date range or by a specific tag.

My advice would be to export a comprehensive CSV file and then use the functionalities of Excel or another similar software and rearrange your receipt data for example by the dates you want and create your own reports by pasting the data in another sheet.

Regarding the tags - the comprehensive CSV export feature contains tags as well, so you can rearrange the data by tags.

Also - you can see all of your receipts, organised by different tags, you just need to tap on the Reports button and then tap on the tags field. Don’t forget to choose the tax period for which you want to see the receipts. This article will help you with instructions: https://1tap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002872765-What-else-can-I-do-with-tags-