Slider Bar for partial bill amounts & Searches

  1. When scanning or emailing in receipts lots of them need to be split into percentages. For example below

Gas & Electric Bill £100 -------- Claim 25% or a slider in % to enable us to quickly modify the figures

  1. When looking at the ALL section it seems imperative to be able to search for a Supplier to bring just them up especially when you have multiple hundreds of receipts on your app as I do already! Then Even better for me would be able to have a check box to enable all the searched suppliers to be tagged with the same tag in one go? I am sure I saw a sliding % bar the other night whilst working on the app but it could be me confusing it with another app.


Hey Andi,

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. I will definitely forward your ideas to our development team.

However, I believe that our team already has these two on their list of features which they plan to implement to our apps.

Have a great day,
David from 1tap