Phone app not working?


anyone else having problems with the phone app?
it crashed on Friday and still wont open on my phone,


Hi Rob,

Could you please tell us with which email address you are registered in 1tap, so we can check your account and what’s the reason for that technical bug?




Hi Rob,

Thanks for the feedback.

Our technical team investigated the issue that you reported and we found the reason for this technical bug. We are currently working on an update release, which contains the fix.

We should be able to release the update tomorrow, so you can temporarily use our 1tap Desktop version. You can log into your account on your laptop or computer, using this link:

This way you can have access to your expenses and upload photos of receipts, using the Desktop version, while the fix for the application is released.

I will contact you as soon as the update version with the fix is live, so you can immediately update your app.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


Hi Rob,

We released the new update version 2.3.0, which contains the fix for the bug, so please update the app and let us know if everything works fine now.


Hi Trayana,
working fine now, thanks very much.