Invoice app for ios


I have many invoices. It would be great to have an invoice app with the same data extraction as 1Tap receipts!


Hi, Roman! I’m glad to inform you that we’re releasing really soon a second app, called 1tap tax, that will allow you to scan income documents as well :wink: 1tap tax will be also connected to 1tap receipts from where it will get your expenses :blush: Then based on your income and expenses it will then calculate how much you own in tax :slightly_smiling_face:


Any idea of a release date yet?

Or indeed do you need beta testers? (She says hopefully lol):joy:


Hi Alix,

We’re still in the process of developing the app, so I can’t give you a release date yet, but I will inform you as soon as the app is ready to go live. Once we’re on the stage of beta testing, we will have in you mind as a potential beta tester :wink: :slight_smile: