How do I claim only a part of a receipt



I have a couple of receipts that have both personal and business expenses on them. How do I differentiate them within the app? Thanks


Hi, Vesna! The app has a functionality, called split feature. If you want the information about your business expenses to be separated from the other data on the receipt, you can simply use this feature :blush: Here you can find detailed instructions how to use the feature:


How about a %slider , easier



Actually, we do offer a percentage slider, but it’s an available feature for receipts, which are still in processing. If you snap a receipt and open it, while it’s still processing, you will see the split icon on the bottom of the screen and if you tap on it, you can either choose the percentage which you want to claim or to manually input the claimable amount. Once after the receipt is uploaded, you can split the total amount by entering the claimable part. But I’ll definitely pass your suggestion for implementing that option in the edit screen for receipts :blush: