1tap receipts - iOS Update - v1.13 - Location Tagging


Do you remember where you got that receipt from that you added from that place at that time the other week? Yeah… me neither. That’s why we’re excited to introduce location tagging on receipts! Never forget where your receipt came from again, simply add the location of where you made your purchase and keep a log of where your money is going. Sorted!

What’s New:
• Location Tagging on Receipts
• Bugs squashed and an engine tune


Will it tag the location automatically, or do I have to manually select it?


Hi, Eva! You can either enter the location manually or you can turn on location services to allow 1Tap Receipts to determine your location automatically. Here you can find detailed instructions: https://1tap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002197129-How-do-I-add-location-to-a-receipt- However, if you prefer to set the location manually, then just tap on the receipt and choose the location option and manually enter the right location.